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1892 Homberg, Glarus
1892 Homberg, Glarus

Shooting competitions are a way of life in the Germanic regions of Europe, especially Switzerland. The first shooting festival (Eidgenössisches Schützenfest) was held in Aarau in 1824. Federal contests including canton, city, and club competitions have continued through the present day. Competitors won various forms of awards. Shooting medals (schützenmedallie) and shooting cups are the most common forms of award. Published in Switzerland, there are books that list and illustrate these awards.

Swiss shooting medals were struck in a variety of metals including gold, silver, bronze, white metal, and aluminum with silver being the most common. Mintages are very low with the average mintage of the 45mm medals being 700-800 pieces.  Medals have become rarer over the years due to the awards being melted for bullion, being lost, and general attrition. The size of most medals range from 23mm to 62mm with 45mm being the most prevalent.

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