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This page is where you can comment on all things shooting medals and schützenfest. Please ask questions, make comments about the site. Let others know about your collection etc. This is where to start the communication!

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  1. Rod, you may have told me when I got M 390, Martin’s plate medal from you, but why did Richter not
    include this medal in his book? He must have known about at least two of them in the world, mine and the better one in your collection that allowed you to sell me the Martin plate medal.

    On a current subject: When i heard about the SNB unshakeling it’s peg to the EURO and the SF shooting up 34% against all the world’s other fiat currencies, I said WOW, I’m glad I have as many Swiss shooting medals, Thalers and Swiss rare coins and historical medals as I do. If not already, it will surely be soon be reflected by a like increase in their cost in the sad sack dollar. Not good for the buyers, but a potential windfall for those of us already heavily into these items. I know in the past you have told me it was getting harder and harder to find good schutzenfest stuff in Europe. I bet this suddenly makes it impossible at anything like reasonable prices.

  2. I am happy to have found your blog. It is most interesting and informative.
    I have recently come to the fascinating world of Swiss Shooting Medals, just in time for this years National Shooting Festival. I have come in to possession of several medals with ribbons that correspond to the type displayed in the case shown in your photo from the Bern shooting museum (244). As a novice to the world of shooting medals, I assume that these medals with ribbon are presented to participants of the shooting matches. Actual shooting participants may be given a medal of distinction. It is my guess that similar memento medals may be purchased by attendees. Actual awards for shooting prizes seem to be given in the form of the large medals minted from precious medal, you display and discuss here.
    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in my guesses.

    1. Hello Mark and welcome.

      You are pretty much spot on with your assumptions. Some medals could be purchased directly from engravers at the shoot as a souvenir or memento of the shoot. There many many types of awards; cups (pokal), bechers (smaller cups), medals, tea servcies, clocks, all kinds of itmes. Members of the awards committee would ask local shop owners for donations for awards in the form of cash or items they would donate from their store and/or make custom for the shoot.

      You may like to visit where me and many other interested forum members have added many pictures and discussion.

  3. I have shooting festival stamps: Biel 1899, St. Imier 1900, Thun 1914, Solothrun 1901, St. Gallen 1904, Biel 1903, Zurich 1907, Luzern 1901, Bern 1914. Also have a Luzern 1 Fr. red cancelled with a “6”. Does anyone know what year that might be? Perhaps 1920? Donn Lueck,

    1. Hello,

      Perhaps the easier way to identify your Luzern stamp would be to send me a good picture of it. And for that matter, I would not mind seeing your other stamps too.
      I will let you know more once I see your stamp.


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