Richter Catalog/schützenfest medal Facebook Group

I have started a Facebook Group called richtercatalog. The reference/repository for all things related to the Richter catalog.

The address:

You must have a Facebook account to join the Group. If you do not have a Facebook account, joining is very easy.

This group will allow fellow schützenfest medal enthusiasts to keep track of new medals not in the Richter catalog, add pictures of them as well as comments. Group members will be able to add comments and pictures regarding possible omissions and errors. You will be able to comment on anything regarding the Richter Catalog and Schützenfest medals and awards in general.

The Group page has “Documents” that coincide with each Richter catalog chapter so members will be able to add comments for the appropriate Document (Richter Chapter) so the added content can be somewhat organized and easy to reference.

When you leave a comment, you can also post a picture but only 1 picture per comment. After you press enter, your comment will be posted in that specific “Document”, if you have another picture you wanted to post all you need to do is reply to your just posted comment, insert the additional picture and then click enter on your keyboard again and it will be posted.

For posts that you do not feel fall into a specific Richter Chapter, there will be a Document called Richter General, this is can be the catch-all for those posts.

I will also have a “Document” specifically for anything related to Schützenfests in general called Schützenfest General.

Please go to my new Facebook Group called richtercatalog and request to join and then I will add you ASAP and you will be our newest member. The group is private so members will be the only people able to see posts. If you do not use the included link in this email, simply go to Facebook and then go to Groups and then search for richtercatalog (all 1 word).

I hope that you join and that this Facebook Group can become an additional resource for schützenfest medal collectors and more specifically, a place where collectors can add and gain more knowledge in regards to the Richter Catalog.

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