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Rod Moore Schutzenfest

Specializing in Swiss shooting medals as well as other schützenfest memorabilia. Although we are not a commercial site and do not carry inventory for sale, we sometimes can obtain reference books and/or specific schützenfest items for our visitors. The information below will aid with postage costs etc.


Please use our contact us page to make first contact.

We will follow-up with all pertinent contact information. Thank you for using this procedure.


Site web address is –


  • Personal Check (allow time to clear at bank before shipment)
  • Postal money order
  • PayPal (transfer from bank account only)



(Actual costs may vary due to size, weight etc. of packages)

Value over $50.00 – Insured 1st Class Domestic (CONUS) United States: $5.00-$15.00 ($50 -$600 value) –Insured first class is always used unless another method is requested.

NOTE: All items under $50.00 will be shipped uninsured unless buyer purchases insurance. Insurance and postage will be actual cost.

Insured Priority Mail with 2-3 day typical delivery (up to 16 oz): Please specify this delivery means if you wish to utilize it.

Value to:            Cost

$  50               $  8.50

100                 10.00

300                 12.00

500                 15.00

1000                 20.00

1500                 26.00

2000                 32.00

3000                 45.00

4000                 55.00

5000                 70.00

Maximum Domestic Insurance is $ 5000.

Over about $ 1500, Registered Priority is more economical, but 7-14 day delivery.

Registered Priority: Examples (Small Priority Box up to 16 oz.):

Value to:            Cost

$  1500           $  25.00

2000               25.00

3000               27.00

5000               30.00

10000               40.00

25000               60.00

Media Mail: For books and documents; Slower delivery, depends on weight, cost less than 1st Class, and can be insured. Delivery: 5-10 days domestic, 4-6 weeks international.

All orders are packaged with great care and sent expeditiously.  

Non U.S. Addresses – Shipments will always be at Buyer’s risk

The USPS international rates depend on dimensions of the package.

The best way to determine postage costs is to pick a method from below and let us check the weight and dimensions of the package for a cost. There is no real insurance for international shipment of coins/medals or other items with direct monetary value. Insuring coins/medals is nearly useless and Registration often provides no help after it leaves the U.S.however the choice is yours.

Custom forms are required for all packages.

Please contact us for method and cost. We will package extremely well and send it however you specify. We will provide tracking information, but If you do not receive it we shall not responsible and cannot reimburse your loss. There is no insurance for international mail after it leaves the USA, even if registered. The safest method is by Express Mail Insured (usually 2-3 day delivery), for which each country has its own limitations on contents and value. Customs forms are required for all packages. What the forms say is up to you, but the declared value must match the insured or registered value to clear Customs. Dealing with your country’s Customs requirements, taxes and fees is your responsibility. For Express Mail your phone number is required as well as address.

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